Disclosure Policies

I often review products and services and share my opinions. Occasionally I am given products, services and destinations to sample, free of charge. Many times I purchase those products and services myself.

When I refer to a product or service that was provided to me, I will mention that in the post and I will provide a link to the company. My reviews are always honest, regardless of whether they are done at the request of a company or for cash or other compensation. If I am dissatisfied with a product or service, I will not write about it or review it on this blog. If I’ve purchased the product or service, I will not necessary state that in my post.

Occasionally I will accept sponsored posts for cash or compensation which will be disclosed in the post.

I am never paid to share my expertise on other blogs or websites.

If you have any questions please email me at, Deb@TravelingWithWrinkles.com

Updated March, 2014


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